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Supreme Chapter Officers

Dr. Bruce Justman
Dr. Peter Blenkinsopp
Dr. Martin Suthers
Dr. John H. Prey
Dr. George Sferra, Jr.
Dr. Thomas C. Lakars
Dr. Vincent Barrett
Dr. Robert Karsten
Dr. Bryan Dye

Council of Graduate Chapters

Dr. Robert Slaby (1 year)
Dr. Henry Ford (2 years)

Council of Deputies

Dr. James Huber (1 year)
Dr. Albert Abena (2 years)

Life Membership Trustees

Dr. Louis Farrugia

Educational Foundation Trustees

Dr. Gregory Ganzkow
Dr. Gary Westerman
Dr. Robert Karsten
Dr. Cy Tenn
Dr. Rocco Ciccone
Dr. Robert Karsten
Delta Sigma Delta Educational Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 237
Katonah, NY  10536
Telephone: (914) 484-4315
Email: drrobertkarsten@gmail.com

Australia / New Zealand Chapter

Dr. John Rattray

European Continental Chapter

Dr. Vincent J. Barrett